Learn about your genetic makeup, overall health and ancestry

MapmyGenome™ helps you optimize your health and wellness with simple at-home DNA tests. Discover how to use your genetic information to live longer, stay young, and look better. Learn what your genetic results mean and get personalized guidance from our board-certified genetic counselors. You can also understand your roots and your unique personality.

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We provide a wealth of information about your genetic makeup, health, disease risk, and ancestry, along with free genetic counseling to help you understand your results.

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Health & Wellness

100+ conditions.Includes disease risk & traits

Fitness & Nutrition

40+ conditions.Includes diet,exercise & lifestyle

Skin & Hair

40+ skin & hair care conditions

Discover a whole new version of yourself with your DNA

  • Genomepatri and

What’s included 

  • Saliva-based DNA test kit
  • Detailed health and wellness report (100+conditions)
  • Medication response report
  • Ancestry report
  • Consultation with a certified genetic counselor

How it helps you 

  • Identify potential health risks
  • Personalized recommendations based on your and your family's health history.
  • Improve your nutrition and lifestyle
  • Tells you what signs to watch out for and recommends further tests
  • Connect with your ancestral roots
  • Genomepatri and

What’s included 

  • Saliva-based DNA test kit
  • Stool-based microbiome test kit
  • Detailed health and wellness report (100+ conditions)
  • Medication response report
  • Detailed gut health report
  • Consultation with certified genetic counselor
  • Updated report as new conditions are added

How it helps you 

  • Identify potential risk for lifestyle or chronic disease
  • Personalized recommendation based on your and your family’s health history. 
  • Improve your nutrition and lifestyle for healthy aging
  • Know what signs to watch out for and get further tests
  • Customize your probiotics and supplements for optimal gut health
  • Receive new insights as we update our database
  • Beautymap and

What’s included 

  • Saliva-based DNA test kit
  • Exclusive skin and hair health report
  • Personalized fitness and nutrition report
  • Medication response report
  • Genetic counseling session

How it helps you 

  • Learn how to take care for your skin and hair
  • Learn how to workout for your body type
  • Learn about your food sensitivities
  • Upgrade your diet, lifestyle and skincare
  • Get info useful to optimize your workouts

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Is your service available in my country?

Yes! We ship our DNA test kits to almost every country. Just select your country during checkout.

How to collect the sample?

What will happen to my sample once it goes to the lab?

When will I receive my DNA report?

Is my data secure and what data protection rights do I have?

How accurate are my results & are there any evidence for the tests?

If I am marked as high risk, does it imply that I will get that disease?

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